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About Us


About Weapon and Personnel Protection

vCamouflage expands the likelihood of endurance of military hardware and work force by utilizing bogus articles and making bogus circumstances. We help you to accomplish level of influence with the utilization of non-deadly military hardware.


The Solution

We produce top notch current military distractions, models of arms and military hardware, test systems and reflectors that delude the adversary. vCamouflage items are financially savvy and unrecognizable from the first because of their novel highlights and capacities.


  • Lightweight – solutions starting at approx. 60kg
  • Easy to transport and stow
  • Rapdily deployable – inflated between 3 to 30 minutes
  • Weather resistant – thermal stability from -20°C to +50°C
  • Defect resistant – easily repaired in the field, keeps shape and functionality
  • Standout thermal signatures simulate engines and mufflers
  • Radar reflective components deceive even advanced surveillance systems
  • Durable – can be deployed and folded for at least 50 times

  • Radar and infrared
  • Thermal signature
  • Radar signature
  • Granularity: level of detail




    Wavelength range

    0,4 - 1,1 mkm

    3 - 5 mkm, 8 - 14 mkm

    0,8 - 30 sm


    less than 0,20 m

    less than 0,60 m

    less than 6 m

    Our Work


    vCamouflage was set up to fill a hole in the military imitations showcase. Most present baits are utilized uniquely for preparing purposes, while our items are intended to hoodwink, divert, disguise and secure. We chose to fill the hole, help keep away from setbacks and annihilation, hence making a more secure, increasingly quiet world. We are a gifted group of people creating structure and creation of distractions. We comprehend military needs – our items have been tried and created in close collaboration with the military.